Common Problem

Common Problem

Golf Cart

1.ETCOME What is the maximum weight of the cart?

Answer: After the professional test of our team, we suggest the maximum weight is 35 kg, you rest assured to buy our products, our products can fully meet your daily needs, for 14 clubs, waterproof materials, a large number of balls and other bags.

2.What maintenance is required for the electric ETCOME trolley?

Answer: We recommend applying a small amount of grease to the shaft end when the shaft is dry. Lithium-based lubricating grease is recommended. This process should be repeated once per season, or even more frequently as needed.

We also recommend that you wipe it regularly with a wet cloth to keep the cart clean. Please do not use a high pressure washer as you may leave water where it is not needed.

After one round, be sure to charge the battery as soon as possible-preferably within 12 hours.

If you don’t plan to play golf for several weeks, it is recommended to store the battery fully charged. Before using the battery again, charge it (fully charged) before use. The battery shall not be placed for more than 2 months without charging, otherwise the warranty will expire.

3.What if my display gets foggy during use?

Answer: Certain humidity, temperature, and humidity conditions may cause local fog in the display screen. This will not affect the function of the cart, cause any damage and return to normal after the adverse conditions subside.

4.ETCOME What is the warranty for the handcart?

Answer: All ETCOME trolleys receive a 2-year full warranty from the date of purchase. ETCOME Lithium battery has a 2-year warranty, and an additional 3-year limited warranty after the completion of the valid warranty registration. Lead-acid standard batteries and extended batteries enjoy a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.

5.Can my golf bag be placed on a ETCOME cart?

Answer: Any standard golf bag can be firmly installed on the ETCOME trolley. Some very large travel bags can fit, but probably not the most fit. The ETCOME bag line is designed for use with our trolley line, with a unique slot on the base to prevent distortion.

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